ACI Student Chapter

at the University of Manitoba (ACI-UMSC)


ACI Student Chapter develops activities and various programs for students. This chapter’s mission is to provide students with the opportunity to better understand concrete, its uses, and properties. This can be done through student seminars or short courses, student projects, student competitions, career guidance, tours, and sponsoring student chapters of ACI. ACI chapters should encourage students to study concrete by supporting either graduate or undergraduate fellowships.

ACI has a number of activities for students that chapters can take advantage of locally. ACI Committee E 801, Student Activities, offers six student competitions each year. Chapters can encourage or sponsor local students to get involved in these competitions. At each convention, E 801 sponsors a student’s program and, occasionally, a full day of activities for students. ACI’s Concrete Research and Education Foundation (ConREF) offers scholarships each year for graduate studies in concrete design, construction, or materials. Chapters should encourage local students to apply for these highly prestigious fellowships. Finally, chapters can participate in the Sponsor-a-Student (SAS) program, where your chapter sponsors students as ACI members, paying the majority of their dues to become a student member.

The Mission

- Helping students become interested in concrete as a building material
- Gaining experience and knowledge using concrete
- Minimizing the environmental impacts associated with concrete construction and repair
- Helping students take advantage of the resources offered by the American Concrete Institute

Why Join?

-     Free membership in ACI International ($200 value)

-     Networking with concrete professionals

-     Student rates at ACI Manitoba Dinner Meetings & other events

-     Free access to Manual of Concrete Practice ($500 value)

-     Free access to ACI e-Library up to one year after graduation

-     Help initiate programs & events to benefit students

-     Become a Student Chapter general or board member (note this on your resume!)